Due to growing threat of the novel coronavirus, the AGROBOR 2020 Symposium has been postponed to a later date. The rescheduled date will be announced on this website very soon.


Dear Colleagues, Dear Participants,

It is my great pleasure to invite you to attend the 2nd International Symposium on Boron in Agriculture (AGROBOR), taking place in Belek, Antalya. The 1st International AGROBOR Symposium was successfully held in Ankara on 16-17 November, 2016 and attracted over 200 participants.  The symposium was organized under the auspices of The National Boron Research Institute (BOREN) with the support given by the Eti Mine Works General Directorate and General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Policies (TAGEM).

Boron deficiency is one of the most prevalent micronutrient deficiencies occurring in crop plants globally. Extensive soil survey studies made in the past and recently in Turkey show that soil boron deficiency affects at least 25 % of the cultivated soils, while in some regions boron exists in toxic amounts in soils (especially in some palaces in Central Anatolia.

The main themes of the symposium include boron chemistry in soils, use and application of boron fertilizers, uptake, transport and function of B in plants, genetics and molecular biology and boron toxicity in soils and plants.  The Symposium aims at providing an opportunity for scientists, agronomists, students and the representatives of the fertilizer industry to interact and discuss on recent results and challenging research topics in the field of boron.

We expect more than 200 participants from over 25 countries. I kindly invite you to participate and submit a scientific paper at the 2nd International Symposium on Boron in Agriculture.

Looking forward to meeting you in Belek, Antalya.

Yours Sincerely

İsmail Çakmak
Chairman of the Symposium